New Optional Products are Released
Multi-hole Tower

New alloy tuning parts are tested and approved in the EFRA EU Championship 2016.

-Alloy rear stiffener prevents flexing on the chassis which might be useful on some track conditions where grip is high.

-Multi-Hole Towers give you more adjustability options on the shock position.

-Alloy shock absorber joint cup and M5 joint are optimized for more strength and reliability.

Order codes:

320502A - Upper Shock Absorber Joint Cup Alloy (Opt.)
320503A - Lower Shock Absorber M5 Joint Alloy (Opt.)
320504A - Shock Absorber Joint Cup / M5 Joint Alloy (Opt.)
341101S - Alloy Shock Joint Ball and Composite Inserts

430103A - Front Tower Multi-Hole Wide 7075
430203A - Rear Tower Multi-Hole Wide 7075
430105X - F/R Tower Multi-Hole Wide Set 7075 Alloy
445501A - Rear Upper Stiffener Alloy (Opt.)

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