XS5-FT Spec

Built on the proven 5 series MCD Racing chassis the XS-5 is defining the pinnacle of the worlds large scale super sports car market.

RR5 FT Spec

The RR5, is the intersection point of the core values that have created our brand. Aimed at our enthusiasts, RR5 is a supreme race machine which embraces advanced solutions that came out of the profound observations and analysis of the races.

W5 Short Course Truck

The MCD W5, a powerful blend of strength, agility and beauty is the new Short Course truck for the most demanding active off-road enthusiasts.


A masterpiece from the pioneer of the segment. Being champions in 6 countries in 2010, The RRV4 proved that it is peerless in the 4WD large scale off-road market.


Designed to fulfill the expectations of our most passionate clients, the X4 Rally continues the MCD tradition of putting the thrill into racing as a result of track-derived technological innovation.


Having the state of the art construction quality and innovative features, the Monster 4WD is the strongest, the most durable and the most fun to drive large scale 4WD in the market.


The new 2010 Cheetah MT is a RRV4 wrapped in a muscular aggressive appearance. This impressive new Desert Truck is considered as the most powerful and the most durable desert truck on the market.