Unique MCD Upgrade Alloy Parts
The Updated Front Stiffener

 We proudly reveal the genuine top of the line optional alloy parts designed by MCD Racing Engineering Department. These great looking upgrade parts not only increase the stiffness of the chassis but also come with unique features as explained below.
-It is possible to connect the front stiffener to the center diff holder and the center diff holder to the engine. When the rear stiffener is installed with the front, the chassis rigidness is increased further, providing a rock solid chassis stability under harsh racing conditions.
-The alloy front hub resolves the issues of bump steer and steering stop at endpoint while 0° Caster Block is used.
-The alloy center differential holder set increases durability and stiffness while reducing the weight.
-With the optional 40x20mm alloy servo adapter you can replace the existing servo tray to reduce the weight.

These truly genuine MCD upgrade parts are CNC-machined from 7075 Alloy and are offered in attractive MCD gun metal color.

The order codes for the tuning parts:
300603A Front Hub Alloy (Opt.)
445102A Front Stiffener Alloy (Opt.)
445202A Rear Stiffener Alloy Set (Opt.)
415202A Center Diff. Holder Set Alloy (Opt.)
415302A Brake Plate Alloy (Opt.)

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