The evolution of a race machine
The Totally New RR5

    The RR5, built from scratch, is the intersection point of the core values that have created our brand. Aimed at our enthusiasts, RR5 is a supreme race machine which embraces advanced solutions that came out of the profound observations and analysis of the races.
   Our R&D team have spent three years in the development to offer all the set-up abilities that a racer would require. While designing these abilities the totally new fifth generation Race Runner had to ensure all the adjustments could be done as quickly as possible where every millisecond is vital for the podium. Adding up the traditional MCD qualities we are now proud to announce the total racing machine RR5 - the implementation of “ The Winning Experience”.

 The RR5 Features
 - Fifth generation chassis & suspension arms
 - Sophisticated 4WD Shaft Driven mechanics
 - Ultra strengthened chrome drive shaft and axle
 - Differential spiral bevel gears & diff house
 - Easily removable one-piece electronics tray
 - Factory assembled CNC machined and bended 7075 aircraft alloy chassis
 - 24 mm hexagonal rim-blocks
 - Solid and durable side guards
 - Easily removable composite front, rear and center diff houses
 - Clear body shell
 - Ultra durable front and rear adjustable steel disc brake rotors and bronze pads
 - 7075 air craft alloy front and rear towers
 - Coil-over extended composite shock absorbers with Internal High Pressure Cell™ System
 - Ultra hardened steel transmission gears
 - Fully adjustable bearing sway bars
 - No-Stress-Effect polyamide front and rear bumper
 - New ball output couplings
 - Improved brake linkage
 - Super-Cooling RR5 air ventilation system
 - Rear brake only servo slot
 - Viper Racing air filters
 - New Barracuda V2 pipe improved for RR5 (Optional)
 - Adjustable inboard and outboard toe
 - 544mm - 560mm adjustable wheelbase
 - Adjustable CG
 - Adjustable weight distribution
 - Adjustable kick-up 8°-10°
 - Adjustable 0°-3° anti-squat
 - Molded fuel tank with shake absorbing separators
 - Optional front rear central  60° 90° 120° Self locking diffs
 - Pre-cut RR5 Decal Set
 - Fully composite body accessories
 - Rear mud guard

  The price and specs of the new RR5 are not confirmed yet. Please follow our website for more details.

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