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Engine Cylinder Heat Sink

 The new heat sink is carved from a whole block of 7075 grade alloy to meet it's finest form. The heat sink decreases the temperature of the spark plug by around 10°C when the external temperature is 35°C+. The decrease in temperature on the spark plug substantially effects the performance of the engine. 

By assembling the heat sink on your engine you will be able to use only long thread NGK CRE8 or NGK CR8EIX Iridium spark plugs. With this heat sink we developed a new composite protector that can protect both the short and long spark plug versions and the heat sink. The part is designed specifically for providing a secure protection against tumbling and hard impacts. The protector fits perfectly with the MCD Barracuda Pipe Air Flow.

After installing the heat sink use only the suggested spark plugs. Otherwise you may damage your cylinder. Also you will not be able to use the standard wrench supplied with the engine. 

Please watch the Heat Sink Assembly guide video from the link below:


New tuning parts will be available in two weeks.

Order codes:
730101A - Engine Cylinder Heatsink Set 
730201P - Cylinder Heatsink / Spark Plung Protector

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