The RRV4 Soul in a Muscular Aggressive Look

The Cheetah MT is a RRV4 wrapped in a muscular aggressive appearance. This impressive new Desert Truck is considered as the most powerful and the most durable desert truck on the market. The Cheetah MT is a natural born winner packed with a highly detailed desert truck body shell and massive Monster Tires. The Cheetah is optimized for maximum fun, off the track.

            The CHEETAH MT  Features

  • Fourth generation chassis & suspension arms
  • Sophisticated 4WD ShaftDriven mechanics
  • Ultra strengtned chrome drive shaft and axle
  • Factory assembled chassis
  • Improved differential spiral bevel gears & diff house
  • Hard anodized alloy roll-cage
  • New design coil-over hydraulic shocks & progressive springs
  • CNC machined T6 aircraft alloy chassis
  • New 24 mm hexagonal rim-blocks
  • New Strengthened lower&upper long wishbones
  • 185mm Block-Stud patterned off-road tyres
  • Solid and durable side guards
  • Water-resistant receiver and battery box
  • Clear body shell
  • Ultra durable, heavy duty central steel double disc brake rotors and bronze pads
  • New design extended rear shock towers and shock absorbers
  • New design ultra hardened steel transmission gears
  • New design servo tray
  • Fully adjustable sway bars
  • New wishbone brackets
  • No-Stress-Effect polyamid front bumper
  • New enlarged 15 spoke wheels



Anti roll bar Rigid multipoint roll cage Side guards Adjustable rear wings Durable servo savers
Ultra hardened drive shafts Twin steering servos Narrow one piece cnc machined chassis Realistic desert truck body shell Planetary differentials


Technical Specifications 
Length : 838 mm
Width : 570 mm
Overall height : 352 mm
Ground clearance : 42-95 mm
Weight : 13.9 kg
Wheelbase : 532-540 mm

: 446/446 mm

Chassis material : T6 Alloy (4mm)
Suspension : Non-parallel non-line independent 
Caster angle : 0-6 Adjustable
Camber angle : Adjustable
Toe angle : 0-3 Degrees
Roll Center : 3 Position Adjustable
Ackerman : 2 Position Adjustable
Front Kick-up : 10 Degrees
Rear Squat : 5 Degrees
Shock absorber : Coilover Oilfilled 3 step adjustable
Transmission : Full-Time 4WD Shaft driven 3 differentials
Gear ratio  : 4:3 to 12,3:1 (12 different GearBox ratios)
Tyre size : 126 x 215 mm
Engine type

: Zenoah - CY 23cc, 26cc, 27cc, 29cc *


COMPETITION Extra Features



Alloy Shock Body
Machined Hinge Pins
Front-Rear Anti Roll Bars
Servo Savers with Ball Bearings
Front CVD Drive Shafts
Hardened CV Drive Shafts
Hexagonal Drive Cups
Hexagonal Dif. Outputs
All Steel Transmission Gears
Steel Gear Drive Block
Double Disk Brakes    

Easy changeable transmition gears

Centrally mounted engine

The Competition series are optimized for ultimate challange. Our leading structure and engineering has powered us to race proven handling and durability. You can push the throttle inside the curves and push the limits for many hours during the race.

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